Sebastian Beierle


Sebastian Beierle


Hey, I'm Sebastian!

I've been living and working in Dortmund since 2016. Currently I am continuing my studies in the MA program "photographic studies" at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund. My photographic projects are dealing with various social and economic issues. In my photographic essays, I engage with the urban conditions of my protagonists and expand my narrative through an interpretation of place to complement the portraits. My gentle and quiet method is reflected in a clear and careful design of the photographs. The relationship to the protagonists and their respective situations is foregrounded in these concentrated images.

I am available for assignments in Germany and abroad.

Sebastian Beierle
Rittershausstraße 55
44137 Dortmund


2022 Dummy Magazin - Slowly the nights grew cold
2022 Further 3 - Slowly the nights grew cold
2021 Tagesspiegel - Slowly the nights grew cold
2021 Nullnummer - Slowly the nights grew cold
2021 - Interview
2021 - Interview
2020 Let The River Flow 01
2017 - Brutal black broject

2023 contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) Slowly the nights grew cold
2021 Guerilla Exhibition - Slowly the nights grew cold
2017 Umschlagplatz Dortmund - Black