Sebastian Beierle


Sebastian Beierle




When the bombs fell in south Ossetia in 2008, most of the population had already fled.
The small region of the Georgian Caucasus sought independence and was supported by Russia. The 5-day war left destroyed cities and around 100,000 refugees seeking refuge in the region, Georgia and north Ossetia.

Tserovani is with its initially 20,000 inhabitants the largest IDP settlement in Georgia. For the first two years, the residents were provided with food rations and donations from various aid organizations to provide the inhabitants with the most needed. In the past 10 years, a lot has changed, people are cultivating their gardens, many are doing regular work, and in some cases are enlarging their homes. There are supermarkets, a school and medical care - Tserovani has managed at first sight to be an independent village. But the fates of people continue to remind us of the war. While some long for their old home, especially the younger generation see their future in the cities of Georgia or abroad.